These Terms & Conditions contain important information about the Transylvania Calling (further TC) 2019 festival (further Festival). Please read them carefully as you agree with them automatically by purchasing your ticket! If you are purchasing tickets also for your friends you are obliged to make sure they agree as well.

Admission, Tickets & Refunds

  1. Every edition we choose a country to grant free entrance to. For 2019 it is Australia. Australian citizens should send an e-mail to info@transylvaniacalling.com stating their intention to attend the festival.

  2. Tickets are sold only online via Xing Events ticketing platform by Asociatia Artlabs (the “Promoter”). You can access the ticket shop via Transylvania Calling official website and Facebook Event page as well as from our affiliate partners’ websites.

  3. By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these Terms & Conditions. In the event of any breach of these Terms & Conditions, the Promoter reserves the right, to cancel tickets, to refuse admission, to eject the holder or to confiscate offending articles, as the case may be, and in any case, to retain any monies paid for the relevant ticket.

  4. TC reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time. Any updates to these Terms will be posted on the website www.transylvaniacalling.com. By purchasing a ticket after any amendment of these Terms & Conditions you agree to be bound by the updated version of these Terms.

  5. E-tickets are personalized and need to be registered with a valid name and surname. You may purchase more than one ticket per transaction however you must provide first name and surname of each participant while placing the order. You are entitled to a refund if you no longer can attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation requests must be done through Xing Events until 1 June 2019. After this date no refunds will be possible for any reason. All refunds are subject to a handling fee of 30% of the ticket’s face value paid excluding booking fee. Refunds will be processed during 1st and 15th of June 2019.

  6. Force Majeure: in the case of circumstances beyond normal control, such as war, civil or political unrest, actions and orders from the authorities, strikes, catastrophes, epidemics or other severe damages or highly unexpected factors the Promoter may cancel the Festival, and the monies received will not be refunded.

  7. Ticket cannot be re-sold. If this ticket is re-sold or transferred for profit or commercial gain by anyone other than the Promoter or one of its authorized sub-agents, it will become voidable and the holder may be refused entry or ejected from the TC Festival site (further Site).

  8. Upon arrival at the Festival, your E-tickets will be accepted only in combination with a valid ID / passport which must match the name on your E-ticket. We do not accept a written mandate to transfer personalized tickets. Instead we recommend attendees to login to their Xing Events account with same email address as the order has been placed with and edit the names online.

  9. Valid tickets will be replaced at the Festival entrance with a Festival wristband. Only visitors with a valid wristband are allowed entry and movement in the festival and camping areas. Festival wristbands may not be removed, cut, torn or damaged in any way or they cease to be valid. The Festival reserves the right to request identity validation by presenting a valid ID to the Festival staff upon request.

  10. No tickets may be used for competitions, promotions or hospitality packages without the prior written consent of the Promoter, and any ticket so used will become voidable and the holder may be refused entry or ejected from the Site.

  11. Tickets are sold subject to the Promoter’s right to alter or vary the performances and/or the Festival without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.

  12. There will be no admission without a valid ticket. When you receive your tickets, please check them carefully and make necessary modifications on Xing Events website prior to the event.

  13. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to the Festival. Security personnel will conduct security searches of persons and vehicles entering the Site to ensure the safety of the persons on Site.

  14. Any person who fails to comply with instructions from a steward or other person acting for the Promoter may be ejected from the Site.

  15. Admission to the Site is at the ticket holder’s own risk. The Promoter and Landowner will NOT be held responsible for loss or damage to property or persons whilst attending this event.

  16. Ticket holders consent to their inclusion in official photographic, visual & audio recordings of the Festival as members of the audience.

  17. Children aged 14 and under are allowed to enter the Festival free of charge, but need to be registered via the Xing ticketing platform when an adult ticket is purchased.

  18. If you attend the Festival with your dog please take in consideration the following rules:

    • Make sure your dog is friendly. If you have any reason to believe that your dog may be aggressive or difficult to control please do not bring it to the Festival.

    • All dogs have to be registered in advance by email.

    • A dog should have an updated ID tag, i.e. owner’s name and phone number.

    • No dogs are allowed in the festival area, including the dance floor, market and workshop areas at any time unless it is identified as a disability assistance animal.

    • You are responsible for your pet’s sanitation and disposal of its waste in the toilets at all times.

    • If a dog shows any potential for hostility towards other people or other animals you will be required to remove it from the festival or keep it tied up at all times within your camping spot area.

    • If your dog is found roaming the festival grounds, disturbing other campers (barking included) or you fail to keep your site clean, your ticket will be cancelled without refund and you will be escorted from the event.


  1. No bottles, cans, glass, containers, alcohol, food, may be brought on-site, campsite excepted. Any found will be confiscated. Water and non-alcoholic drinks in plastic bottles with unbroken seals up to 500ml are permitted in the festival area.

  2. No illegal substances may be brought onto the Site!

  3. Official merchandise, food, drink and general provisions will be available from authorized identified vendors within the Site. No trading of any kind shall be undertaken without the prior written consent of the Promoter, any offenders will have their property confiscated and will be ejected from the Site.

  4. Photographic, video or audio reproduction of the Festival is prohibited without prior consent by the Promoter.

  5. The use of drones in Romania is subject to registration and license with the Romanian Air Force. Therefore, due to administrative and safety reasons the use of drones is prohibited without prior consent by the Promoter.

  6. No Campfires allowed! We provide some maintained community fires in the Festival area for you.

  7. Urinating or defecating in places other than a toilet is prohibited.

  8. Any kind of lasers, fireworks, renegade sound systems, generators, air horns, motorized vehicles and any similar items that produce loud disturbing noise or items which may be considered for use as a weapon are prohibited!


  1. All vehicles entering the Site must check in with a valid ticket and will receive a Car pass that needs to be visible at all times in the front window.

  2. All vehicles will be guided individually by our stewards into the designated parking area.

  3. Caravans & Car-campers shall remain in the allocated space for the time of the Festival.

  4. Car Parking is for parking only. Sleeping in car is not permitted. You and your vehicle may be searched before entering the Festival grounds!

Failing to comply with the terms and conditions, you run the risk of immediate ejection from the Site. Any items that are found to be used in an illegal or offensive manner will be confiscated. No responsibility is given for the return of confiscated items. If you are in possession of illegal substances you risk to be arrested!


By purchasing a ticket, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out by the Promoter. If you have any questions regarding these rules please get in touch with us info@transylvaniacalling.com.