Transylvania Calling 2016 Transformational Gathering

A mold in the Space of Positive Shapes

2016 Transylvania Calling experienced differently than ever before, because now we are steady in Wonderland!

We are changing, our Universe is expanding, the time to rise and grow is Now.

We found our home and it is Wonderful. We call it Wonderland because it is the place where everything happens! This year represents the begining of our new world, a new perspective, a unity of all creation, in Love and Oneness.

In a unique landscape, hidden from sight in the mystical mountains of Transylvania, we invite you to join us in this amazing journey.

The day you will be brought to us, will be the day when time and space evaporate into a sparkly mist. There will be No societal limitations, and in Wonderland there are only the laws of Wonderland to be respected.

This year we want to be as close to nature as humanly possible, we wish to bond with and embrace all living beings, and we aim to have this experience with no substance shortcuts, to have it last forever.

It is possible, as great meditation masters show, to grow to enlightenment without any exterior help. The road to Wonderland is difficult, tricky, exhausting at times, but amazingly beautiful! So is the road to our higher being.

If you wish to be part of our experience, please make sure you fully understand the rules we need to respect in order to be caring and compassionate towards nature and each other.

The local community here is formed out of beautiful, hard working, simple villagers, who live life in peace, without interfering with nature and its rhythm.

This is very important to know because we wish to be in harmony and to not disrupt this primordial way of life.

Our dream is to become a mold in this space, to leave no trace, on the contrary hopefully leaving nature even happier than how we found her.

The people living in Wonderland's surrounding are part of our dream, they grow animals and vegetables, they provide for us in exchange of care and some financial aid.

Please understand there is no way around this, the people and the nature you are coming to this year need to be protected as they will be your home as well throughout this journey.

TC is becoming the fruit of our year round hard work and total engagement to education, culture, arts, kindness and respect to all beings and 2016 is the beginning.

Our concept expands, as our consciousness ascends higher and higher, we become more aware of what is happening in the world. Based on this awareness we wish to start by transforming our little corner of the world into a self sustainable non invasive harmonious community, alive all year long, with workshops, conferences, all kinds of interactive classes and other various cultural events and creation camps.

Transylvania Calling Experience of this year is the pilot of our eternal life series.

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